19 June 2018

BPT800 Terminal—a Reliable Assistant to the Border Control

BPT800 – a portable solution for the registration and control of persons crossing security checkpoints. It provides high-quality and fast fixation of biometric data. The Bancomzvjazok Company development of BPT800 can be used at border crossings. The time for reading and processing information is up to 5 seconds. Through the use of the terminal BPT800, the passport and biometric control at any checkpoint takes no more than 20 seconds. The BPT800 Portable Terminal is made in a shock-, dust-, and waterproof enclosure. The protection degree of the case is IP67, and the protection degree of the finger scanner is IP65. The BPT800 functions:
  • automatic readout from the machine readable zone (MRZ) and electronic document chips (RFID)
  • recognition of text and biometric data (ICAO Document 9303)
  • fingerprint scanning (FBI)
  • verification of compliance and reliability of documents on databases
  • support for the ability to enter data manually
  • definition and fixing of GPS coordinates
  • continuous operation time – 8 hours
  • data transfer using GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi
  • a system developers’ kit (SDK) for adapting the terminal to use in existing information systems.
 BPT800 – a reliable assistant in passport and biometric control Web-site: http://bpt.bkc.com.ua/