30 October 2018

Participation in the exhibition BEZPEKA2018

    From 23 to 26 of October JSC Bancomzvjazok took part in the exhibition  Bezpeka 2018. Border Control Systems Department of JSC Bancomzvjazok presented the internally developed  biometric portable terminal BPT800 for rapid passport control.
    «In the late 1990s inspectors on the border had to use paper registers for passport control. Eventually the system from several servers and workstations was developed by our specialists, where inspector could input data and automatically check at databases», – commented on Grianka Oleksandr the Director of Border Control Systems Department of JSC Bancomzvjazok.
    Due to active system’s development there appeared the necessity to perform passport control at railway station border crossing points. For completing this assignment JSC Bancomzvjazok offered the solution for more rapid passport control in trains.  At first the laptops and pocket computers were used. Later it became necessary to upgrade the devices when the amount of information significantly increased and there was a demand to provide biometric control.  
    «Our team had been working on portable terminal BPT800 for nearly 5 years, - said Oleksandr Grianka. - We had been testing different solutions from the EU and the USA, but existing devices didn’t respond to the requirements of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.  We analyzed all requirements and tried to create own device from scratch. At first there were prototypes and test samples that we used to model and even print on 3D-printers. By long researches and thanks to continued technological improvement BPT800 was presented in 2017 and successfully passed the test of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.
    Biometric portable terminal ВРТ800 is a mobile solution for people registration and control while crossing checkpoints. Reading time and information processing with terminal ВРТ800 is about 5 seconds, thanks to it passport and biometric control takes no more than 30 seconds on any checkpoint now. The device provides automatic recognition of passport documents, MRZ data reading and comparison, RFID-chip, fingerprints, contactless cards, visual zone of passport document and theirs checking at database. It has combined modern technologies of worldwide developers, among which Optic Document Scanner (France) and Innovation Fingerprints Scanner with technology Less (USA), which captures fingerprints qualitative even from wet and dirty hands. The mobile terminal is equipped with powerful battery, it is sufficient for 8-12 hours of operation –enough for checking of several trains. Furthermore, the terminal is protected by anti-shock and water resistant body.
    The internally developed by JSC Bancomzvjazok Mobile Terminal ВРТ800  meets all the requirements and provides quality and rapid passport control  including biometric data checking. The Terminal can be used at any checkpoint, registration process takes no more than 20 seconds.
    The specialists of JSC Bancomzvjazok feel the pulse of all innovations and they are always ready to propose technologically actual solution.
    Bancomzvjazok -  making  life safer!