01 March 2018

The Seminar on Telecommunications Solutions for Supervisory Control Systems and APCS, as well as Information Security Was Held

On February 22, the seminar: Telecommunications Solutions for Supervisory Control Systems and APCS, Information Security   was held with the participation of the leading manufacturers of telecommunication equipment RAD Data Communications, ECI Telecom and 3M.   We express our sincere gratitude for the cooperation and useful reports to our partners: Oleh Rebrykov, Denys VeinerRAD Data Communications, Arik Frank, Serhii BalasanovECI Telecom, Olexandr Buchatskyi3М Ukraine, and our colleague Pavlo Domozhirskyi, Bancomzvjazok, … as well as our visitors, which we are glad to see now and in the future. Please feel free to contact us for any questions! You can view the presentations of the speakers by following links:
  1. RAD_Automation of electrical networks on an example of SecFlow
  2. RAD_RAD solutions for building fault-tolerant networks: MP-4, ETX-5, and MP-1 equipment overview
  3. RAD_Industrial Switches SecFlow
  4. ECI_ Reliable Communication and Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure Objects
  5. 3M_ "Passive component" of communication networks of enterprises: groundwork and achievements of the company
  6. BKC_Complex security systems for objects and pipelines