15 March 2019

Аерофотозйомка за допомогою БЛА (БПЛА)

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15 March 2019

Аерофотозйомка за допомогою БЛА (БПЛА)

Безпілотні літальні апарати зарекомендували себе як надійна технологія для створення карт, планів та інших продуктів геоданих. У автономному режимі, але під пильним контролем оператора, БЛА (БПЛА) здатні виконати різні варіанти аерофотозйомки для створення фото та відеопродукції, виготовлення картографічної продукції та 3D моделей, моніторингу змін та виконання різноманітних розрахунків.
створення топографічного плану 1:2000, ортофотоплану та 3D-моделі місцевості для проектування об’єкту будівництва

11 March 2019

АТ «Банкомзв’язок» пропонує фільтри конфіденційності для ваших екранів

За статистикою середні втрати компаній від крадіжок інформації з екранів близько 4 мільйонів доларів. Й при цьому менше 20% людей використовують засоби захисту даних на екрану. Що ж тоді робити тим, хто хоче зберегти інформацію в своїй компанії в конфіденційності?

25 February 2019

Control of spatial displacements

Сurrent trends in construction field such as increasing number of storeys in a building, urban densification, reduction in building area, underground development application, increasing building density lead to increasing of the negative technogenic impact on already built-up objects located in adjacent areas.
Система контролю просторових зміщень вже успішно впроваджена в Україні та Казахстані

22 February 2019

The Green Card Insurance Certificates are checked by the border guards directly at the checkpoints

The hunt for the counterfeit “Green Card” policies owners began due to the fact that, according to insurers, over 30% of the “Green Card” is a fake

12 February 2019


The perimeter video surveillance system is one of the most important components of a complex automated security system of a high-security facility.

11 February 2019

New industrial IoT gateway, with a built-in security functional – SecFlow – 1v

SecFlow – 1v is ruggedized, multiservice and compact industrial IoT (IIoT) gateway with Edge Computing attributes, it is suitable to connect RTUs, smart meter aggregation devices, IoT base stations or concentrators, CCTV cameras, point of sale devices, WiFi base stations, and more over LTE, wireless or fiber networks – either public or private.

01 February 2019

Company “Bancomzvjazok” has become the official distributor of KOPOS KOLÍN

We are glad to inform you that Bancomzvjazok JSC became the official distributor of the products of the company DP KOPOS ELEKTRO

31 January 2019

Software system “Titan” and equipment of own production

In order to prevent the destruction, and react in proper time to changes in the conditions of the structures, in some countries already it is started to use the automatic control system of hydraulic structures “Titan”, it is the self-design solution of JSC “Bancomzvjazok” specialists

25 January 2019

Security alarm system for perimeter of great length

Modern challenges and threats dictate the obligatory implementation of modern automated systems of physical protection for critical infrastructure objects safety critical infrastructure objects are strategically important for the national security. That is why they are causing attention among intruders whose purpose is to carry out terrorist activities, commit acts of sabotage, theft or property damage, espionage.

22 January 2019

Bridge collapse in Brussels. What is the situation with bridges in Ukraine?

In the capital of Belgium on Thursday, January 17, an accident occurred on the bridge over the Willebroek Canal. Because of this, the water connection of Brussels with other cities was blocked until Saturday

21 January 2019

Our mobile terminal for passport and biometric control К.ВРТ800 is becoming more and more world-renowned

The world-famous online media Find Biometrics and Biometric Update dealing with biometric development evaluated the Ukrainian innovation – the portable terminal K.BPT800 for passport and biometric control.

18 December 2018

English quality in the solutions of the Ukrainian company

Taking into account the 25-year experience of JSC Bancomzvjazok in the information technology field, many implemented projects in the technological monitoring field, the result of close cooperation with the British company Güralp Systems Ltd is the provision of our company’s status as an exclusive partner.

07 December 2018

Pipeline integrity monitoring system from JSC Bancomzvjazok and its partner Fibersonics Inc.

For the protection of various types of pipelines the Integrated Security Systems Department of JSC Bancomzvjazok together with its partner – the American company Fibersonics Inc., offers solutions based on a distributed vibration sensor – Long Ranger ™.

06 December 2018

The system integrator JSC “Bancomzvjazok” raises the level of technical equipment of the tournament

JSC “Bancomzvjazok ”  an a provider of solutions that make life safer, has joined the organization of the Ukrainian Championship of Karate.

05 December 2018

The Company “Bancomzvjazok’’ took part in the international exhibition TRUSTECH 2018

The Border Control Systems Department of JSC “Bancomzvjazok” presented the biometric terminal BPT800 that is proprietary solution of the company, on the stand of our partner – the French company ELYCTIS.

15 November 2018

“Bancomzvjazok” took part in the international exhibition Energy Efficiency 2018

From November 6 to 8, JSC “Bancomzvjazok” took part in the international exhibition “Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy – 2018 ” which was held at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv.

13 November 2018

“Bancomzvjazok” took part in the exhibition of modern communication and automation equipment

On November 8, 2018, JSC “Bancomzvjazok” took part in the exhibition of modern communication and automation equipment. Considerable attention was paid to fiber-optic couplings and mechanical connectors of Fibrlok fibers, as well as optical NPC-connectors. In addition, there were demonstrated screen privacy filters with innovation technology 3M “black out”.

12 November 2018

A workshop Innovations in the Biometric Control sphere for Ukraine

JSC Bancomzvjazok held a workshop «Innovations in the biometric control sphere for Ukraine» in the framework of participation in the exhibition Bezpeka 2018.

30 October 2018

Participation in the exhibition BEZPEKA2018

From 23 to 26 of October JSC Bancomzvjazok took part in the exhibition Bezpeka 2018. Border Control Systems Department of JSC Bancomzvjazok presented the internally developed biometric portable terminal BPT800 for rapid passport control.

08 October 2018

Mobile Software and Hardware Complex for Border Control Automation

In situations where it is necessary to carry out border control in remote, hard-to-reach regions or outside the checkpoint, the decision on its organization is a Mobile software and hardware complex for Border Control Automation.

03 October 2018

Representatives of Bancomzvjazok JSC attended the conference devoted to public identification systems, which was held on September 18-20 in Chantilly, France.

Representatives of Bancomzvjazok JSC attended the conference devoted to public identification systems, which was held on September 18-20 in Chantilly, France.

28 September 2018

Meeting on the identification of ways to implement prognostic meteorological and hydrological subsystems developed for the the Prut and Siret rivers

The representatives of Technological Monitoring Systems Department of Bancomzvjazok JSC took part in a meeting on the identification of ways to implement prognostic meteorological and hydrological subsystems developed for the the Prut and Siret rivers basins in the framework of EAST AVERT project as operational meteorological and hydrological forecasting systems.

14 September 2018

The mobile hydrochemical laboratory

The Mobile hydrochemical laboratory based on the vehicle in order to the prompt response to the facts of accidental pollution or periodic observation the subsoil and surface water chemical composition.

17 August 2018

System software “е-InspectorPro” is a modern and reliable software product that automates all border control procedures.

Border control is state control realized by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and includes a range of actions and a system of measures aimed at establishing of legal grounds for crossing the state border by persons, vehicles and moving goods across borders.
Прикордонний контроль

10 August 2018

Mobile surveillance complex – autonomous station with effective surveillance area of up to 12 kilometers!

Mobile surveillance complex is destined for automatic identification of people and equipement with the purpose of ensuring the protection of remote territory or  realization of intelligence.

02 August 2018

Fast and comfortable passport check with the device «Condor»

In June 2017, a long-awaited visa-free regime has started in Ukraine, which allowed Ukrainians, with biometric passports at hand, to fully appreciate all the benefits of technological progress.

20 July 2018

Hydrometeorological Monitoring

Global climate change is one of the main contemporary problems of mankind. Ukraine also feels the effects of climate change: only over the past 20 years, the average annual temperature has increased by 0.8°C and the average temperature in January and February – by 1-2°C.

05 July 2018

The TITAN Automated Hydraulic Facilities Condition Monitoring System

Constant monitoring and analysis of the condition of buildings and structures is necessary for their continuous and safe operation. During the life cycle, facilities are exposed to a number of factors of natural and man-caused origin that affect their condition.

02 July 2018

The Bancomzvjazok Company Became a Distributor of Equipment for the AEG Solar Electric Generation Stations in Ukraine

In an effort to offer our customers quality equipment at an affordable price, the Bancomzvjazok Company has signed a distribution agreement for the supply of equipment for the Solar Electric Generation Stations of the German AEG Company.

25 June 2018

Bancomzvjazok JSC Became a Distributor of the SCS OK-NET (Odeskabel)

Odeskabel, PJSC, announces the start of sales of the structured cabling system (SCS) OK-NET, and Bancomzvjazok JSC is the distributor of the SCS OK-NET of Odeskabel, PJSC since June 1, 2018!

19 June 2018

BPT800 Terminal—a Reliable Assistant to the Border Control

BPT800 – a portable solution for the registration and control of persons crossing security checkpoints.

25 May 2018

Bancomzvjazok JSC is 25 Years Old!

or a quarter of a century, Bancomzvjazok JSC has grown from a group of enthusiastic, like-minded people to a large and successful company, operating in Ukraine and abroad.

20 April 2018

Professionals of the Bancomzvjazok Company Were Awarded at the Annual Conference Organized by the Networks and Business Magazine

By a long tradition, the best brands of SCS and auxiliary equipment have been awarded at the conference. This time, diplomas, among others, were presented to representatives of Molex PN (the 1st place in the category “The SCS Projects Performed on Cat. 5e Components”) and CommScope Netconnect (the 1st place in the category “The SCS Projects Performed on the Components of Cat. 6 and 6A”), the official distributor of which is the Bancomzvjazok Company.

01 March 2018

The Seminar on Telecommunications Solutions for Supervisory Control Systems and APCS, as well as Information Security Was Held

On February 22, the seminar “Telecommunications Solutions for Supervisory Control Systems and APCS, Information Security”.

13 November 2017

The Need to Modernize Strategic Facilities for the Sake of Seismic Safety

“Seismic Activity: the Need for Monitoring and Impact on the Hydraulic Engineering Structures of Ukraine” has been presented by Oleh Ruban, the specialist of Bancomzvjazok JSC.

09 November 2017

Water Resource Board as a Component of Hydropower Development

Ways of Hydropower Development as the Basis for Increasing the Capacity of Generating the Power into the Unified Power System and the Potential of the Renewable Energy of Ukraine

30 August 2017

Opening of the Modern Playground

Grand opening of a modern game complex donated by Bancomzvjazok JSC to pupils of the Udaitsi Training and Rehabilitation Center in Chernihiv Region took place

03 July 2017

The Bancomzvjazok Company Presents an Integrated Security System for AIC at the AGRO-2017 International Exhibition

The integrated security system provides timely detection of unauthorized intrusion attempts and, with the help of unique technical solutions, is able to localize violations with an accuracy of 20 m along the perimeter of 50 km

14 December 2016

New ideas from the World Leader in Infrastructure Solutions

Перша в Україні об’єднана партнерська конференція Commscope для компаній-інсталяторів СКС торгових марок AMP Netconnect і Systimax

01 December 2016

Bancomzvjazok JSC Participates in the TRUSTECH International Exhibition (Cannes, France)

The exhibition presents the best innovative technologies for business, and companies around the world are sharing their expertise and presenting new solutions in the area of identification and payment

10 March 2016

Ukrainian borders gain better fluidity thanks  to BKC using Elyctis readers

The Ukrainian State Border Service uses BKC’s BPT500M biometric verification portable terminal at its checkpoints, to control travel documents such as ePassports and ID cards of Ukrainian and foreign citizens when they cross the country’s borders

01 March 2016

Bancomzvjazok JSC Presents the form to the Volleyball Team in Chernivtsi Region

The Bancomzvjazok Company continues the baton of targeted charity. Since 2015, we support Ukrainian young sportsmen. The next charitable step of the company was cooperation with the titled national women’s volleyball team of Chernivtsi Region.

19 January 2016

Passport Control of the European Level

At Boryspil Airport, the State Border Guard Service and representatives of Boryspil Airport have demonstrated the work of the modernized passport control automation system with biometric monitoring functions of the Gart-1/ENI

07 December 2015

Bancomzvjazok JSC Transfers 17 Level Gauges for Installation on Automatic Gauging Stations as Part of the Integrated Nationwide Forecasting System for Flood on the Prut and Siret Rivers

07 December 2015

Bancomzvjazok JSC — a Participant of the Systems of Guaranteed Power Supply and Automation Conference

23 November 2015

Bancomzvjazok JSC will realize the First Delivery of Equipment for the Integrated Nationwide Forecasting System for Flood on the Prut and Siret Rivers

16 November 2015

Participation in the Results of the Implementation of the Investment Program 2009-2015 on the Hydropower Plants of Kazakhstan Conference

11 September 2015

Representatives of Bancomzvjazok JSC Took Part in the Forum of Chief Power Engineers of Enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan

16 July 2015

Bancomzvjazok JSC at the Charity Auction “The Art That Saves”, Which Was Organized by Oschadbank

20 June 2015

The Bancomzvjazok Company Took Part in the ICOLD2015 Symposium