BANCOMZVJAZOK needs new specialists for the following positions.

Hardware Engineer (bkc0534)

We invite an experienced engineer to our team who can implement the project from idea to implementation.


analysis oft he tender documentation, participation in the technical and financial evaluation of the project, pre-project inspection of the object at the Customer, conceptualization of a project, programming of TS (technical support) for the design of automated systems, technical supervision of the projects implementation.


High technical education (radio engineering, telecommunications, communications). Experience in programming and implementing of the complex automation systems projects, security systems, data transmission systems. Understanding the principles of building telecommunication networks, the basics of data transmission, the protocols of local and global networks, knowledge of the principles of work and data transmission. Ability to read the drawings, electrical circuits, understand the blocks of electronic devices, to identify malfunctions. Responsibility, sociability, ability to work in a team.

For you:

participation in large-scale perspective projects, professional development, comfortable working conditions in a stable company, possible short-term business trips.